Harlequin Award goes to Ronnie Le Drew

Peter Charlton,Chair of BPMTG said "The Harlequin Award has become the "Oscar" for UK puppeteers. I am delighted that this year the award has gone to Ronnie Le Drew who I have long regarded as one of our finest marionettists."

Ronnie's commercial's have been some of the most popular seen on TV

Glove/rod puppets Rama Rama - Unilever Best foods Playboard Puppets
Actor puppeteer / Marionette Intelligent Finance Academy Productions
Glove / Rod puppets Hyenas Ident - Pop stars Playboard puppets
Glove / Rod Puppets Hyenas Ident - Digit Playboard Puppets
Zippy Zippy hates Marmite Marmite
Glove / Rod puppets Promotional - Video / Trailer British Leyland
Cable / Lip sync puppet Training Video Spitting Image Productions
Rod / Glove puppets Chirstmas Commercial Boots
Marionette / Glove Rod puppets Squirrels Harvest Chrunch
Marionette / Glove Rod puppets Crows London Dockland
Original Marionettes Bill and Ben Ideal Home
Glove puppets Loo Rolls Swedish Tv
Hand shadows It could be you National Lottery Ad
Large Glove puppet Chewing gum French Tv
Zippy Branded 2006 Fremantle Media
Marionettes World Cup 2006 Head London Limited
Marionette "Puppet" The Viral Factory
Marionette Muffin the Mule Great Ormond Street. H.
Marionettes,Glove and Rod puppets. Interactive Video/ for "War Horse" National Theatre
Marionette... Brains from Thunderbirds Britvic Drench" Brains" Rattling Stick
Marionette... Brains from Thunderbirds Brains photo shoot C H I & Partners Ltd.
Zippy ARGOS "The Magic of Toys" IRIS PR
Marionettes and Glove Puppets. Behaviour Change Film (Unilever Ltd.) Creamer and Lloyd
Marionette Captain Blue (Test Shoot) Th1ng
Glove Puppets Littlewoods "Little Dramas" Th1ng
Marionette and live action Early Years.Scottish Goverment The gate Films
Marionette Compare The Market .Com Passion Pictures
Marionettes Coke Light /Maniac/ Rip it up/Machine Man/Ber Traktor Partizan
Marionettes Coke Light / Print Shoot Mother
Marionettes Diet Coke...Love it Light (Europe) Six and Co
Lip Sink Puppet Interview Richard Davis Unilever Ltd. Creamer and Lloyd
Zippy Seabrook Crisps Propaganda
Puppetry Consultant Strange Hill High. CBBC Factory Transmedia Limited
Toys. Barclay Card Toys. Passion Pictures Ltd.