Harlequin Award goes to Ronnie Le Drew

Peter Charlton,Chair of BPMTG said "The Harlequin Award has become the "Oscar" for UK puppeteers. I am delighted that this year the award has gone to Ronnie Le Drew who I have long regarded as one of our finest marionettists."

Ronnie's film career is as varied as his work in theatre

Marionettes Somewhere over the Rainbow New York Film Academy
Marionettes Alecto Artemis Films
Glove Rod puppets The Sexiest man in Jamaica Mint Royal
Marionette She's Suffering Bad Dog Films
Various Muppet Treasure Island Jim Henson Productions
Various Little Shop of Horrors Warner Brothers Film
Various Muppet Chirstmas Carol Jim Henson Productions
Various Labyrinth Jim henson Productions
Marionette A Dandy in Aspic Columbia Pictures
Marionettes The Naked Runner Sidney J. Furie
Shadow puppets The Prodigal Son Lotte Reiniger
Rod, Table Top Some Times the Moon is Velvet Michael Fowkes/Tom Phillips/Melies Production
Marionette Mariam's Cake For Robin Nigel Gray
Marionette. Marionette Nimer Rachid